Health Innovation and Healthcare Delivery

The enormous cost of health care, lack of effective drugs, high costs of medicine and lack of access to affordable drugs, weak health care systems, drug resistance and slow pace of behavioral change ensures that a huge proportion of the population are faced with the reality of early deaths from potentially preventable and treatable diseases. At the same time, recent reviews have shown that most of the African countries are unlikely to meet the health-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Africa continues to be weighed down by a huge and growing disease burden which undermines her quest for rapid and sustainable economic development.

Our programme on health innovation is a response to the need for a holistic approach to strengthening the healthcare delivery systems in Africa. It will address the linkages between health and development by focusing on policies and institutions; strengthening human (and institutional) capabilities; the generation and application of science, technology and innovation processes. While we shall generate and collate policy-relevant research on healthcare delivery and management, the program will have special emphasis on (i) strengthening the linkages, interactions and joint learning amongst the different actors in the healthcare sector and (ii) spearheading uptake and utilization of policy research outputs by the policymakers. The following projects are envisaged under this programme:

Project 1: Towards A Regional Research Agenda On Pharmaceutical Manufacturing And Access To Medicines In Sub-Saharan Africa

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