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The primary goal of the Scinnovent Centre, therefore, is to link the ends (societal needs) with the means (science and technology-enabled innovations). We hope to be the bridge that closes the gap between advancements in research in science, technology and innovation on the one hand, and the deepening rural poverty on the other. We hope to marshal the resources, knowledge, technologies, skills and tools available in our research centres, universities (both nationally and internationally) and help rural communities, businesses and decision-makers translate these knowledge, technologies and skills into practical action that changes lives. We hope to close the gap between decision-makers and the people whose lives their decisions impact. Finally, we hope to inculcate the entrepreneurial mind-set and attitudes amongst our young scientists and innovators.

In so doing, we shall tap into the drive, enthusiasm and creativity of our young professionals and encourage and facilitate them to champion the application of STI to address the challenges in our society. We shall proactively harness the vast traditional knowledge within these rural communities and fuse it with the modern scientific knowledge for better livelihoods
in our society. We want to be the champions of rural transformations in Africa through science, innovation and entrepreneurship.

We welcome you to join us in this journey.

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