Who we are

The Scinnovent Centre is a policy and development think tank registered in Kenya as a not-for-profit organization.

Our primary concern is that despite advancements in science, technology and innovation (STI), poverty levels in Africa are increasing; environmental degradation is worsening; the ecosystem has become more fragile; sustainability has been compromised and livelihoods threatened.

So the big questions remain: why have the developments in science, technology and innovation not made any signifi cant difference in African development? Why have STI policies not translated into practical change on the ground? How come pockets of success piloted across countries have not scaled?

Our work focuses on three possible barriers
  1. Policies and legal frameworks. that shape the incentive structures for the application of science, technology and innovation

  2. Institutions. ncluding the rules, norms, attitudes, habits and mindsets that shape how people view and respond to science, innovation and entrepreneurship

  3. Capabilities. i.e. the skill sets – including the technical, organizational and managerial skills – required to turn science, technology and innovations into businesses and social enterprises.



Our Vision

To be the leading science, technology ad innovation (STI) policy research think tank in Africa.

Our Mission

To equip policymakers, researchers and business practitioners with the knowledge, tools and skills that enhances their capabilities for innovation, decision-making and wealth creation.

Our Motto

Objective analysis for better policies and practical action.

We are proud to work with
African Biotechnology Stakeholders Forum
Ministry of Education Rwanda
Kenya Medical Research Institute
University of Nairobi
Open and Collaborative Science in Development Network
International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
Author Aid
The Open University
Africa Academy of Sciences
National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation
The Log’el Project
Our Target Audience
The policy community

comprises government departments, legislators and state leaders as well as (in some cases, political parties, interest groups and lobbyists).

The business community

comprises business leaders; industry practitioners, budding entrepreneurs.

The R&D community

generate innovative products most of which hardly get beyond the laboratories and libraries.