Welcome to the Scinnovent Centre

We are a science, technology and innovation (STI) policy think tank registered in Kenya as a not-for-profit company. Our primary concern is that despite advancements in science, technology and innovation (STI), poverty levels in Africa are increasing; environmental degradation is worsening; the ecosystem has become more fragile; sustainability has been compromised and livelihoods threatened. So we ask three big questions: Why have the developments in science, technology and innovation not made any significant difference in African development? Why have STI policies not translated into practical change on the ground? How come pockets of success piloted across countries have not scaled?

Our work focuses on enhancing the capacity of African governments, organizations, firms and individuals to tap into the vast STI knowledge, generated either in the continent or on the global stage, for increased innovation, better decision-making and wealth creation. To do so, we strive to understand the barriers to the adoption and use of science, technology and innovation for decision-making and wealth creation. We provide objective analysis through high quality, rigorous and targeted policy research; strengthen skills through training, coaching and hands-on support and provide opportunities for networking, joint learning and dialogues.

To be the leading science, technology ad innovation (STI) policy research think tank in Africa.

To equip policymakers, researchers and business practitioners with the knowledge, tools and skills that enhances their capabilities for innovation, decision-making and wealth creation.

Our Strategic Objectives

Generating evidence to support policy and decision-making.

Our research programmes aim to generate credible, defensible and coherent policy research and analysis that can guide public policy and practice…Read More

Strengthening skills and shaping attitudes

We collaborate with national and international partners to conduct relevant, tailor-made training aimed at strengthening both individual and institutional capabilities…Read More

Facilitating interactive learning, networking and dialogue

Our programmes focus on promoting dialogue and networking amongst different end-users and decision-makers…Read More

Our Projects
Agricultural Innovation, Food and Nutrition Security

Health Innovation and Healthcare Delivery

Intellectual Property Rights and Knowledge Management

Entrepreneurship and Governance of Science, Technology and Innovation

African Biotechnology Stakeholders Forum
Ministry of Education Rwanda
Kenya Medical Research Institute
University of Nairobi
Open and Collaborative Science in Development Network
International Development Research Centre (IDRC)
Author Aid
The Open University
Africa Academy of Sciences
National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation
The Log’el Project